Shiatsu back massage

If you're in Paris and you want to enjoy a special moment of relaxation, Spa 28 invites you to discover one of the massage options offered on our menu. Here you can discover the famous Shiatsu back massage, a treatment originating in the Orient which is one of the most popular and effective of therapeutic massages. Shiatsu massage consists of the use of finger, thumb and palm pressure applied to reflex points to boost the immune system and generally revitalise the body.

A unique massage

The Shiatsu massage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It was originally developed by the Japanese, beginning in the early 14th century. The word shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’. Emblematic of Asian massages, Shiatsu is governed by the concept of a flow of energy which permeates the human body. The objective of this form of massage is to counter the stagnation of this energy, thereby allowing it to circulate freely throughout the body and remain in balance.

A massage designed to relieve back pain

A Shiatsu massage consists of the application of physical pressure on targeted areas of the body in order to relieve pain, release a muscle or revitalise the functioning of an organ. Depending on your degree of tension and your needs, the person in charge of the massage will be able to apply pressure with the fingers, points or even knees. There will be assisted stretching and joint manipulation. After the session you will have a few moments to relax and savour the benefits of the treatment. Shiatsu massage is an excellent way to eliminate stress and ease tensions, improve the flow of your lymphatic system, relieve menstrual cramps and revitalise your body so that it and your mind are in better balance. Spa 28 offers an idyllic setting where you can fully enjoy your massage. You'll be intoxicated by the exotic scents of essential oils, take pleasure in tranquil and lovely surroundings and enjoy a profound level of relaxation.